Hello hello, I am back. In the two months since deciding to leave the blog behind, I’ve made some realisations. Not least that I quite like writing my blog, really, and I was really going to miss it if I left it behind. So I’m here, back at the keyboard, feeling that at least in… Read More Shifting


Moving On

For a while, something’s been niggling at the back of my mind. I’ve written posts, only to leave them lingering in draft, something not quite clicking with the words I read back to myself. I’ve been forcing myself to try and find things to talk about, rather than thoughts flowing as easily as they used… Read More Moving On

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I am for

I’d like to say thank you for the thoughtful, heartfelt comments on Caring Enough. To hear that other people feel like this as well helped enormously. I needed to hear the things that people enjoy doing, to see that despite this feeling, it’s possible to begin to get involved in life once more. And, of… Read More I am for

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1 book, 3 points! Into The River Blog Tour Special

I am so pleased to be part of Legend Press’s Blog Tour for the launch of Mark Brandi’s Into The River**! Instead of 3 books, 3 points, I’ve decided to review this book separately as part of the tour – so it’s one book, 3 (rather long) points! Luckily, this book more than deserves its… Read More 1 book, 3 points! Into The River Blog Tour Special

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Caring Enough

This is a weird thing to try and write about. I think I’ve deleted this sentence about 8 times, trying to put into words this odd feeling that’s niggling at me recently. It’s getting to that time in my ‘time off real work’ where I’m starting to get itchy feet. I feel, if not that… Read More Caring Enough