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Away from the News

Away from the News.  Away from the news, a soft breeze brings a hint of coolness through green leaves. Waves lap up a pebbled shore, constant, rhythmical. A ray of sunlight falls on morning dew. Away from the news, laughter echoes from gardens as people gather in friendship. Young birds learn to fly, and feed,… Read More Away from the News

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Finding my Place

Finding my place. I never really slotted in, truly. I wasn’t a cool kid. I wasn’t overly popular, I wasn’t stand-out good at anything. I had lovely friends but always felt a little outside. On the inside. I never really had anything to define me, save the odd obligatory teenage boyband obsession and my crazy… Read More Finding my Place

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My small patch of earth

My small patch of earth. The world is a weird place at the moment. I feel small, and although not hiding away, just like I want to take a step out of it all. I want to fade into the background, and watch, and wait. I pace the length of the garden, with tea and… Read More My small patch of earth

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Lockdown Intertia

Lockdown Intertia. When the UK government told us we needed to stay at home back in March, I decided lockdown would be a great opportunity to start to regain my lost fitness. All that spare time stretched out in front of me, tantalising, waiting to be filled with good intentions and beneficial activities. In a… Read More Lockdown Intertia

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Thoughts on social media

Thoughts on social media.  I watched illustrator Julia Bausenhardt’s video on giving up social media the other day, and it really struck a chord with me. I’ve tried hard to quit social media before, countless times (if you’re a long time reader of the blog you might know!), always lasting just a few weeks before… Read More Thoughts on social media

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3 Books 3 Points: July 2020

3 books 3 points  -3 books reviewed in 3 quick bullet points- Welcome to July’s 3 books 3 points book review! I feel like I’ve done lots of reading over the last few months, however a lot of it has been ‘necessary’ reading for uni and not as much reading for pleasure as I thought… Read More 3 Books 3 Points: July 2020

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Together, apart

Together, apart.  After the memes. After the shouting, the knee-jerk buying, the panic, the refusal to accept. After the swarming of national parks. After the threats, the beating heart of community, the pleas on deaf ears. After the news, the updates, the endless, endless statistics. After it all. A slow acceptance of the trembling fear… Read More Together, apart

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3 Books 3 Points: March 2020

3 Books 3 Points: March 2020  Reviewing 3 books in 3 bullet points Hello all! It’s been a while, and I’m back with a book review that I’ve had on the go since January. I’ve started university again and it seems to have taken up all my brain space. Things seem to be settling down… Read More 3 Books 3 Points: March 2020

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Whimsical Bedroom Makeover with Photowall

Whimsical Bedroom Makeover with Photowall We moved in to our 1860’s cottage seven years ago and immediately painted everything white. If we were feeling so inclined, we managed a quick ‘feature wall’ in a neutral colour, just to add a bit of interest. Emergency decoration done, we relaxed into our new home, and over the… Read More Whimsical Bedroom Makeover with Photowall

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Mellow Minimalism

Mellow Minimalism – Reflections   My last big ‘minimalism’ push was a few years ago now, when I spent a couple of years buying nothing. Since then I haven’t really posted that much about minimalism. I wanted to write a little about what I’ve been doing in that time, the effect it had on my life,… Read More Mellow Minimalism