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A day in the life: burnout recovery

A day in the life – very slow living! A little history You may have read some of my posts talking about burnout and my thoughts about experiencing this. (They’re mostly grouped under the ‘mental health’ category if you want to search!) Burnout is a term used to describe the state of absolute exhaustion that’s… Read More A day in the life: burnout recovery


Morning Brew, 9th September 2019

Brew #2 Today’s morning brew is a steamy mug of tea, cupped in cold hands as the rain creeps down the valley and silently begins to fall. I feel a little smug as I managed to drag myself out of bed to get the washing in whilst it was still dry, so we’re winning at… Read More Morning Brew, 9th September 2019

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Peace Place

When I’m under the trees, I feel whole. Padding silently in dappled shade, breathing in fresh oxygen, somehow protected by these tall beings, still and sonorous, myself just a tiny blink in long, long lives. When I want to cry and hide away, I go to the trees. I speak to them in silence, an… Read More Peace Place

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1 book, 3 points! The Flower Girls Paperback Edition

1 book, 3 points! The Flower Girls Paperback Edition Last autumn, I reviewed The Flower Girls by Alice Clark-Platts as part of my ‘3 books, 3 points’ series, and loved it! Today (5/9/2019) is the release date for the paperback version of the book, with a new cover design, and as such, publishers Raven Books… Read More 1 book, 3 points! The Flower Girls Paperback Edition

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Did you ever get a lightning bolt realisation from reading something small and simple? A little innocuous sentence, but suddenly, a situation becomes clear, all at once? It happened to me this week. Reading the latest Permaculture magazine, Simon Lacey’s article on horticultural therapy really interested me, especially the incorporation of Permaculture principles into therapeutic… Read More Lightning

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One from a bit back – the endless frustration of cfs… I don’t know who I am and I just want to scream. I want to scream at stillness, shatter through this grey existence like breaking walls of glass into a million glinting shards. I search and wail and am lost in the years of… Read More Scream


Morning Brew, 30th Aug 2019

Brew #1.  Today’s morning brew is Yorkshire Tea, in my favourite space mug, with slightly too much milk. I thought I’d start a new little series of sporadic morning ‘tea and thoughts’. I quite like sitting and pondering with a cup of something caffeinated, so thought I’d share on the blog. Please feel free to… Read More Morning Brew, 30th Aug 2019

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Movement and fear

Next week, I’m starting a Pilates class at my physio. Spending a few years sat down doesn’t do much for your posture, and apparently, hardly any of my core muscles are working any more, with my neck/shoulders and lumbar region working double hard to keep me upright, rather than the muscles that actually should be… Read More Movement and fear

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Limits: The invisible barrier and making sense

In a move that is nothing new for me, I’ve been thinking a lot recently. Quelle surprise, I know. But here’s the thing. We all know about imposter syndrome, I think – where we feel inadequately qualified for a role, telling ourselves we can’t do it, that others are way better for the job or… Read More Limits: The invisible barrier and making sense

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The rain drives a thousand needles into my skin, sharp as pinpricks, and I raise my face to the wind and welcome the pain. My toes squelch in boots long sodden, jeans dark and soaked right through. The wind screams at me, buffeting and battering as I raise my arms and scream back at it,… Read More Wild