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3 books, 3 points: August 2017

3 books, 3 points Reviewing 3 books in 3 bulletpoints Recently we travelled to Anglesey for the annual family holiday. One of my favourite things to do is to relax with a book, and being away from work, home and the general hubbub of everyday life meant I could finally get around to starting (and… Read More 3 books, 3 points: August 2017

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Reflecting on Minimalism

My head is quite full at the moment. Full of questions about global warming, about eating or not eating meat, about the magic of nature, about the relentlessness of time. My mind wonders about symmetry and music, my feet feel soft sand and icy water, my skin takes in the caress of a breeze, the… Read More Reflecting on Minimalism


A little catch up

Hello, hello, hello…. A few things have happened in recent times, although it seems writing blog posts hasn’t been one of them, unfortunately! But here I am – armed with a cup of slowly curdling soy-milk coffee and some fake mint Poppets from Aldi… I think I’ve been affected more than I thought by the… Read More A little catch up


Photo of the Day: August 9th, 2017

A view from a small window in a big house, a small person in a favourite corner of the world. Looking out on greens and blues, on gales and storms, sunshine and salt. A place to leave everything behind. A place to dream.

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The world turns, as washed-out light reflects from sparkling seas, As the winds howl, salt against skin, rocks beneath bare feet tick away infinite time. The world turns, as sand grains move in sheets, as seaweeds become brittle in the breeze, The shoreline ebbs and falls in endless breaths, dark slate clouds rip angrily across… Read More Sphere


Photo of the day: June 13th, 2017

That moment when your breath just catches in your throat and all you can do is watch and wonder.


Between sleep and wake

Awakening in another fleeting world, for a moment not knowing where or who I am, those few moments in that twilight zone between sleep and wake. That delicious disorientation of not being and being, of belonging to neither this world nor the next. A snatched slice of time with no past or future, no expectation,… Read More Between sleep and wake