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In these 4 walls Time stands still The air heavy with secrets It waits; until A whisper on the breeze Hints through an open window And we let go, Breathing out things We didn’t know we felt Share:

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3 books, 3 points: November 2017

3 books, 3 points Reviewing 3 books in 3 bullet points A little late, I know! Reading a lot for uni has meant I had to put ‘enjoyable’ reading on the back burner for a little bit. But this last month I’ve managed to read more, hurrah! I find as winter draws in, I just… Read More 3 books, 3 points: November 2017

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Winter, I greet thee

Winter, I greet thee; Voice of the North carried in howling winds. The crackle of ice freezes white bones, and lays my eyes down to darkest black. Winter, I greet thee; Air thin as rainbow glass, light glinting as water trapped in snow so fine. Spirit of the North travels in the rip of branches,… Read More Winter, I greet thee

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It’s OK to rest

I have to remember that it’s OK to rest. Crazy weeks, emotional battlegrounds – giving, giving, and feeling myself drain. I know it was too much, yet still I continued. And this space, a space that I’d filled with plans, took its chance and made me stop. Essays sit unfinished, deadlines drawing closer. Books pile… Read More It’s OK to rest

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The wind rips through Birch branches outside, bringing twigs clattering onto the conservatory roof. Inside a fluffy fleece, I snuggle deeper into the chair, still in that hot-chocolate-glow that lingers after a long, piping hot bath. The old Bush stereo crackles Schubert in the background, as an unseen draught sends yellow flames flickering from beeswax.… Read More October

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Melodramatic Studying

Studying isn’t a forte of mine. So I write melodramatic posts about it instead. I’d sacked off the place I was supposed to be, choosing excuses and time instead, facetiously to work, but really to stare at a screen and daydream. I pushed words out laboriously through my fingers, gazed at long, empty words of… Read More Melodramatic Studying

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3 books, 3 points: September 2017

3 books, 3 points Reviewing 3 books in 3 bullet points Reading is an escape from the hubbub of everyday life for me. When things get overwhelming, I ache to zone out and slip into another reality, drawn in through words and paper, sat in a comfy chair as time passes on by around me.… Read More 3 books, 3 points: September 2017