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What do I have?

What do I have here? This girl, armed with a pen and a notebook, defiance and vulnerability, an idea and a song. What do I have, when all else is stripped away – shaving down piles of consumerism, trinkets and toys. A layer, as I sit, surrounds me in an orbit of products, collections, the… Read More What do I have?

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Deliciously I sink into worn pages Fragments of a soul woven deep into each word printed More comfort, this than the most infinite embrace To hear another so deeply with each soft turn of the page words become my bed and deliciously I sink   Share:

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The world turns, as washed-out light reflects from sparkling seas, As the winds howl, salt against skin, rocks beneath bare feet tick away infinite time. The world turns, as sand grains move in sheets, as seaweeds become brittle in the breeze, The shoreline ebbs and falls in endless breaths, dark slate clouds rip angrily across… Read More Sphere

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A Northern Girl

A northern girl sits upon the grass and stares down the years down the past And as the sun shines and future taps her on the shoulder she blanks him and looks only inwards Share:

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Time Away

It’s strange, the way that time away begins to nurture that creativity in my head. Away from social media, away from glaring screens, all energy used in walking, eating, drinking, socialising, instead of work and stress. Instead of have-to and should-be. A break from alarm clocks and commutes, from bank statements and bad news. A… Read More Time Away

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It’s near midnight in this strange place. A new country, preceded by stress and illness, frustration and decisions. Set off on the wrong foot, I haven’t found my place here yet – mind still playing the same old tricks, unsettled, on edge. 3 days in and I’m beginning to calm a little. The tongue so… Read More Barriers

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The 1960’s radio in the room plays softly, songs from our youth, nostalgic, coating us with that rosy haze of times not so long ago but that feel like another world. The soft lilt of voices murmur across the evening, red wine days, cards played. Lulling in the afterglow of a deep corner bath, I… Read More Settle