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Ethical Beauty Products – Minimalist Make-Up

Since following a more natural lifestyle, it’s become more important to me to use natural beauty products. Over time I’ve managed to replace my make-up with natural alternatives. It’s hard to find a product that’s cruelty-free and natural, a lot are either one or the other! Here are my current favourites. I’d love to hear… Read More Ethical Beauty Products – Minimalist Make-Up

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Project 333 review: quarter1

So, my first 3 months of #Project333 is coming to an end. I started on 10th of January 2016, and since then I don’t think I’ve fretted about what to wear one single time! As someone who’d regularly throw open the doors of her closet and wail ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’, staring in frustration… Read More Project 333 review: quarter1

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Letting go of expensive things

So, recently I sold my favourite bag. A grey, suede beauty of a handbag, a consumerist goal, a representation of better times and traditional success. I kept my beautiful bag in its maroon dust bag, gold tree motif displayed proudly in the corner, and talked to it now and again. I looked after it, I… Read More Letting go of expensive things

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I’ve spent this year learning. Not book learning, but the sort of learning that can only come from crashing and burning, from reaching out for help, from finally understanding yourself in a deeper way. The things I’ve discovered call for time. For weighing up, for research, evaluation. For bravery and for determination. This year has… Read More Authenticity

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Oh money, money

Money is a contentious subject. The thing we hate talking about, yet we talk about the most. How much we have. How much we haven’t. How much other people have got, and how they made it. How we can make it. How we can be rich. How we can aspire to be rich. I don’t… Read More Oh money, money