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One Empty Shelf’s Year of Buying Nothing – 2012

2012 Part 2 You may have read elsewhere on One Empty Shelf about my year of buying nothing, which I did in 2012 and which was such an adventure. I blogged throughout on the first incarnation of One Empty Shelf, and reading through my old posts has brought back the lessons, the struggles and many… Read More One Empty Shelf’s Year of Buying Nothing – 2012

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The battle with heating

  We live in an old house. As with many old, stone, Northern houses, ours has it’s very own special climate. In the summer, the thick, stone walls are ‘brilliant’ at cooling the house, resulting in a nice fridge-like sanctuary, away from the beating heat outside. The stone floors provide a refreshing contrast on bare… Read More The battle with heating

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My heart is bangbangbangbangbanging against my chest, blood swooshing through my ears. Face red, icy wind whipping, stinging, prickling at my skin. Rain, always rain, soaking into the grass, slipping, sliding, ever upwards. Knees starting to tremble, but yes that’s it, I’m there, I’ve made it, I’m finally home, I’m home, I’m home. There’s something… Read More Homeland

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City-getting ready for a day in the office

A breeze carries the sounds and the pulse of a city waking to a hump day. A slight straining, suits and heels and so many shiny bags. Waiting for the push, the next eight hours. Waiting to conquer it…the prize being able to say: cheer up, it’s almost the weekend. My table rocks side to… Read More City-getting ready for a day in the office

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Take the hard road-doing what you love

How many hours do you spend per day doing what you love? I mean, really love, something you are so passionate about the hours come and go easily, time flows, your spirit is lifted, joy and inspiration just come and keep coming and coming and you are lost in the moment and ideas and happiness… Read More Take the hard road-doing what you love

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Yet so far

I wrote this post at the start of 2013 at a time of hard decisions. Since then things have changed a lot. Offices aren’t for me, but if life demands it, you do what you gotta do. It captures my feelings at that time. 6 days to go. 6 days until I suck it up,… Read More Yet so far

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Doing things that scare you…the pursuit of ‘growth’

Do something every day that scares you. If you’re an avid consumer of entrepreneurial writing, of self-development books, of psychology, or even of Pinterest quotes (who doesn’t love Pinterest quotes though), you will have almost definitely read those 7 words before. Those 7 words. In that sentence, both a barrier and an answer. The truth,… Read More Doing things that scare you…the pursuit of ‘growth’