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Taking Root

I sit in my deckchair on pallets and railway sleepers, and drink in the heady slowness of high summer. The long grass is browning, baking in shimmering heat, the air still and thick. Branches of Silver Birch extend lazily overhead, shading the ground beneath, a welcome refuge from the sun, high at noon. The trees… Read More Taking Root

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Garden Update 1 – compost and veg patch

Spring is in the breeze. The world is slowly reawakening, that endless cycle pushing green buds from bare branches, sending sunlight to illuminate dark corners and warm our hearts. Finally, we’re shaking off the cocoon of winter and feeling the pull to get out and about into the garden. We’ve been planning what to do… Read More Garden Update 1 – compost and veg patch

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So we get comfortable with simplicity. We read and listen and learn that minimalism isn’t about giving up everything, about giving away joy. We just keep what is necessary for our happiness, for our lives, and let the rest go out into the world. But sometimes it’s easy to fall down, it’s easy to deem… Read More Necessary

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A grey sky stretches on endlessly, fat drops of moisture falling, as if for ever. The vibrant shades of the valley are muted, leaves covered with a wet sheen that serves to reflect back the many colours of grey. The sound is soft, comforting. The constant splodge of hundreds of fat droplets into ever-growing puddles,… Read More Raindrops

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It’s around this time of year that I frequently find myself in a coffee shop, in an oversized hoodie that hangs down to my knees, strong, black coffee curling steam into the air. I often find a spot beneath heaters and breathe in bread and beans, conversation and laughter, food and flour. October reaches out… Read More Cocoon

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Weekend mornings

I love to sit in the quiet of weekend mornings, before the world gets up and about. The sounds around are animal, natural, undisturbed by car engines, by chatter, by power tools and human shouts. The noises that drift down the valley comfort, draw me back to a time before I know, the low moo… Read More Weekend mornings

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It’s misty. Not the cold, damp tendrils we’re used to, but a warm, comforting, enveloping mist, a blanket of grey whose edges reach out and caress the earth, leaving a touch of moisture, a faint glitter on leaves and stone. The air smells earthy and thick. We’re waiting, me and the birds and the insects.… Read More Mist

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20 minutes

I arrived early, hot tyres crunching over gravel, pulling into a deserted car park. I killed the engine, the sudden silence loud in my ears, a warm breeze scented with bracken shyly floating in through the open window. I climb out of the sticky seat, the temperature already rising, this UK summer refusing to back… Read More 20 minutes

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My Small Veg Patch

I’m growing vegetables and it makes me happy I am the world’s worst gardener. I love the idea of growing things, especially edible things, but I never seem to be able to make much of a success of it. The thing I AM good at is leaving my garden to go crazy wild and uncultivated,… Read More My Small Veg Patch

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Summer evening

It was one of those rare summer evenings in Britain. It’s half past ten at night, and the sky is clear. It’s still light, although the blue is fading, merging slowly into orange, pink and pastel hues hinting over the horizon. One or two stars appear but to all intents and purposes it’s still daylight.… Read More Summer evening