Morning Brew, 30th Aug 2019

Brew #1.  Today’s morning brew is Yorkshire Tea, in my favourite space mug, with slightly too much milk. I thought I’d start a new little series of sporadic morning ‘tea and thoughts’. I quite like sitting and pondering with a cup of something caffeinated, so thought I’d share on the blog. Please feel free to… Read More Morning Brew, 30th Aug 2019

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Movement and fear

Next week, I’m starting a Pilates class at my physio. Spending a few years sat down doesn’t do much for your posture, and apparently, hardly any of my core muscles are working any more, with my neck/shoulders and lumbar region working double hard to keep me upright, rather than the muscles that actually should be… Read More Movement and fear

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Limits: The invisible barrier and making sense

In a move that is nothing new for me, I’ve been thinking a lot recently. Quelle surprise, I know. But here’s the thing. We all know about imposter syndrome, I think – where we feel inadequately qualified for a role, telling ourselves we can’t do it, that others are way better for the job or… Read More Limits: The invisible barrier and making sense

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The rain drives a thousand needles into my skin, sharp as pinpricks, and I raise my face to the wind and welcome the pain. My toes squelch in boots long sodden, jeans dark and soaked right through. The wind screams at me, buffeting and battering as I raise my arms and scream back at it,… Read More Wild

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3 books, 3 points – August 2019

Book reviews are back 🙂 I spent a long hot summer reading through some great books and getting rather sunburnt. Here are a select few I particularly enjoyed!* The Anarchist’s Club, by Alex Reeve** -I found Leo Stanhope’s 2nd adventure just as addictive as the first. Leo is one of my favourite literary characters –… Read More 3 books, 3 points – August 2019


Humanimals: walking with tech addiction

I half-wrote this post a couple of months ago. Since then, I’ve kind of reached that place where I’m managing to give ‘quitting social media’ a properly good run, and it’s sort of switched something in my brain. It’s weird to read these words back and feel the emotions that were so explosive, all stemming… Read More Humanimals: walking with tech addiction



Deep in my Facebook bubble, I lounge in the echo chamber of my opinions. The occasional news items that pop up reinforce my leftie politics, lulling me into a false sense of hope. My blocked word list on Twitter grows longer by the day, cushioning my interactions and filling my timeline instead with nature, flowers… Read More Division

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Humans are a rum old species. In the last few hundred years we seem to have entirely removed ourselves from the natural world in the name of progress – this progress, being, of course, entirely defined in human terms. Anything seen only through our eyes is debatable at best. How can we know true nature… Read More Above



Hello hello, I am back. In the two months since deciding to leave the blog behind, I’ve made some realisations. Not least that I quite like writing my blog, really, and I was really going to miss it if I left it behind. So I’m here, back at the keyboard, feeling that at least in… Read More Shifting


Moving On

For a while, something’s been niggling at the back of my mind. I’ve written posts, only to leave them lingering in draft, something not quite clicking with the words I read back to myself. I’ve been forcing myself to try and find things to talk about, rather than thoughts flowing as easily as they used… Read More Moving On