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Adventures in Thought

Little adventures, big questions

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Adventures in thought?

When I was distracted by work, by normality, by bills and deadlines… I found myself wishing I could focus on something else, just for a few moments. Over the last few years I’ve taken pleasure in little adventures, learning a bit more about myself each time. By taking small steps, I found I could begin to change my outlook – which has since snowballed into my current minimalist lifestyle… a far cry from the person I was just a few years ago.

So over the years, little seeds have been sown, learning the value of taking the time to think. A small window to another world, where experience is key and thinking too much is kinda encouraged. It’s good to daydream, to direct thoughts, to take that time to listen to what our bodies and minds are telling us.

Here’s a taste of what’s included:

-have some fun and shift focus from the 9-5 to what really matters

By immersing our minds in a distraction for just a few moments a day, we can start to shift our focus from the 9-5 and start to embrace and discover what we really love. It’s so easy to become distracted by everyday monotony, from office gossip to commuting, from getting dinner ready for the family to worrying about our weight. It’s no wonder that we lose sight of what we really want in life.

-get out and about, connect with nature, connect with yourself

During these few days, we’ll get out and about in nature. We spend so much time disconnected from nature in our daily lives, we forget that just being outdoors can have a powerful healing effect. We’ll appreciate the world around us and learn how we can use it to help us find what really matters to us. 7 days of thinking big thoughts, capturing beautiful moments and scenery in our memories.

-have some mini adventures that will show you the world outside your front door

We travel from home to work to home, possibly via some after-work activities, every single day of our lives. Do you ever stop to appreciate what’s around you, or like so many of us, is it just go go go?  The Adventures in Thought workbook helps us become more mindful of the world right outside our homes. We’ll stop focusing on stressful thoughts, and slow down to appreciate the little things. In turn, by loving the small stuff, the big stuff will follow.

-give your brain a break from over thinking

By focusing on small adventures and bigger questions, our minds start to forget about the stressful stuff. We’ll have fun and create some great memories, all without having to go shopping. We’ll clear space in our heads to let the real questions in… and maybe start to find some answers, too.

You know, less really does lead to more.


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