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Thank you for dropping by and spending a little time at One Empty Shelf…

The story of this blog started back in 2012, and yes, it started with one, single empty shelf. Amidst clutter and busyness, I cleared a small space, a place of silence, a comma in the relentless chatter of life. From this tiny action, I started on a journey to focus on simplicity and self. I started out writing about Minimalism, creating a little more space for myself physically and mentally. One Empty Shelf is named to remember the little thing that started it all off.

The blog has been through a few changes – morphing from a blogspot hobby where I chatted about trying to be a Minimalist – to a ‘real’ website with it’s own name and everything! I’ve changed over the years and now the blog is a place to write my thoughts and to share life, experiences and ideas. I’ve been through some health issues over the last few years, wobbling through depression and CFS/ME, so talk about these every now and then, along with posts about simplicity, books, plodding around the local hills and talking to trees.

I like to play around with words and dreams – I’m a bit of a wanderer and at 35 still haven’t quite figured it out. One Empty Shelf is a place where I can sit and think and wonder, drinking tea and trying to work out this thing called life.

It’s lovely to meet you – please look around πŸ™‚

– Sal x


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3 thoughts on “About/Contact One Empty Shelf

  1. Hi Katherine!

    When I was first starting out I found the minimalists advice about having a packing party really helpful, the link is http://www.themins.com/packing

    You can read a bit more here: http://www.oneemptyshelf.com/2014/06/first-steps-minimalism-consciously-choosing-decrease-possessions/

    And here:

    It’s up to you if you want to sell or donate or even give away any excess things. I sold some higher value stuff like designer bags, shoes and clothes, but I donated pretty much everything else to charity. You could put one or two things on freecycle or Craigslist and see if anyone else could use them.

    Also I really recommend Leo Babauta’s book The Power of Less, it’s really inspiring if he thinking of starting out on a minimalist journey. Also, I’ve not read it myself yet, but Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up has got great reviews and deals more with the ‘how’ of starting to decrease possessions.

    I got rid of a lot of stuff all at once when I moved house, but continue to declutter every now and again! It’s an ongoing journey πŸ™‚ some people find just donating a few items at a time to charity is the way to go, others, like Joshua and Ryan at The Minimalists, pack everything away and donate it all in one go. A website I’ve recently found is http://www.sellallyourstuff.com, and here’s one of their posts about starting to let go of your stuff:

    Hope this helps a little, let me know how you get on :):)


  2. Hi Lou,

    Ahhhh I really need to read that book! You’ve convinced me to give it a read! Sounds brilliant, could do with some organisation in my wardrobe right now πŸ™‚


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