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3 books, 3 points: August 2017

3 books, 3 points

Reviewing 3 books in 3 bullet points

Recently we travelled to Anglesey for the annual family holiday. One of my favourite things to do is to relax with a book, and being away from work, home and the general hubbub of everyday life meant I could finally get around to starting (and finishing) books I’d meant to read for ages!

  1. The Reader on the 6:27, by Jean-Paul Diderlaurent
    -Was unsure at first where this story was going, but I got into it very quickly, enjoying the quirkiness of the story and the situations
    -Felt easy to read and I liked the peripheral characters, I became invested in the main character and was rooting for him throughout… a fun read, finished it in a few hours and it made me happy
    -I enjoyed the ending, it wasn’t what I expected – although it felt like it may be setting up for a sequel
  2. Go Set a Watchman, By Harper Lee
    -I was drawn in straight away, Harper Lee’s use of language is as evocative as ever
    -I found myself getting angry throughout the book (which I don’t think is a bad thing) and frustrated – I think if a book can provoke an emotional reaction linked to the story then that’s a good book, I was angry but I enjoyed it, if that makes any sense!
    -In the end I felt the story was lacking in depth compared to To Kill a Mockingbird – but maybe because everyone compares it, that’s where it is shown up. (Also maybe because I spent a year studying TKAM at school!) Even though I felt this, it still make me think for days afterwards, well, actually, it’s still making me think, so it may be more layered than I first thought…
  3. The Unselfish Spirit, By Mick Collins
    -I was intrigued to read this book about a solution to the current ‘global crisis’ – I wanted to see how the author would define this and what viewpoint he’d come from
    -I found it a little repetitive but really interesting. The author redefines individual experiences in terms of changing the general consciousness, steering humanity in a different direction. It’s a really positive read with lots of practical, soul-searching exercises at the end of each chapter, and a unique personal viewpoint
    -I felt this book was more of a journey than a book! It made me think in different ways about positive solutions, and reframing, that could help us move forward in the future. Not one to read in one sitting but a book to savour and challenge yourself with!

Best of the 3: Go Set a Watchman, due to the amount of thought-provoking discussions I had about it afterwards!

Books up next month:
-Meat: A Benign Extravagance, by Simon Fairlie
– The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, by Natasha Pulley
-Beyond the Tower: A history of East London, by John Marriott

If any of these take your fancy, or if you’ve read any of the books above, please join me in posting 3-bulletpoint reviews! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And suggestions welcome for future 3 books, 3 points reading material…


2 thoughts on “3 books, 3 points: August 2017

  1. Love this!! Such an effective way to review! And you’ve made me want to read every single one of them! Looking forward to your next reviews already ๐Ÿ™‚

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