Project333 Wardrobe – my choices for the next 3 months

One Empty Shelf’s first ever Project333 wardrobe…

So, after a few hours of filling bin bags ( I actually had more clothes than I thought!) my Project333 wardrobe is finally ready. I’m looking forward to it a lot, even though I’m only 2 days in, I feel that my attitude to what I’m wearing has changed – no more standing in front of a wardrobe full of various dubious items, despairing that nothing matches or fits any more!project333 wardrobe 3







My 2 drawers had never looked so empty. It’s a wonderful feeling!
So, this is a list of what I’ve chosen for the next 3 months! We’re changing from a so-far mild winter to colder weather, then looking ahead to spring, so I wanted a mix of jumpers and warm clothes along with versatile tops and outdoors-y clothing.

Tops & dresses:
4 x vest tops; olive, striped, black, white
2 x t-shirts; grey, black
1 x fancy top for going out
1 x maroon jumper
1 x blanket/poncho
1 x lacy cardigan
1 x jersey dress

project333 wardrobe 1

2 x skirts; blue, black
1 x pair of leggings
1 x blue jeansIMG_20160112_133408

1 x knee high heeled boots; brown
1 x studded heeled shoes; brown
1 x ballet flats; white
1 x muddy walking shoes; grey and mud coloured 😉

1 x brown handbag
1 x green cross body bucket bag
1 x scarf; cream and pink
1 x beanie hat; mint green
1 x sunglasses
1 x belt

Jewellery:project333 wardrobe 4
2 x necklaces
2 x stud earrings (might swap one pair for some dangly ones – it was a hard decision!)
1 x green material brooch

1 x black leather jacket
1 x blue weatherproof outdoors-y jacket

I’ve also got some loungewear not counted in with the total, along with a few work clothes (scruffy trainers and 2 hoodies- I work in a warehouse which is pretty dirty and involves a lot of manual lifting, so don’t wear ‘nice’ clothes!), underwear and a workout outfit.
Not including those exceptions, I think my total is 31 items, so a little room to add in something (the work clothes maybe?) if I need it. So around about 33.

I’ll update with how I get on every now and again!

Thanks to Courtney Carver for her #Project333 idea!


5 thoughts on “Project333 Wardrobe – my choices for the next 3 months

    1. Thanks Michelle! Yep I’ve just packed the rest of my clothes, shoes and jewellery away! I’m going to see how I get on this first 3 months, and after I’ve chosen my stuff for the next round (summer, yey) I’ll maybe edit whats in the bags!
      I might have to pull out a fleece or two depending on the snow situation in the next few weeks! 😀
      How’s the no-spending going? We’re trying to cut down on food spending too so am very inspired by you!

  1. I came across Project 333 pretty near the beginning and it reminded me that I’ve always been fascinated by capsule wardrobes…since I was about 10, really. I’d been decluttering my wardrobe pretty thoroughly anyway, trying to get away from the “shoulds” and got completely obsessed by it all online ;o
    In the end, I never actually did it. My wardrobe decreased all the time and I kept on getting rid of the stuff I simply didn’t wear or use or which didn’t fit. Eventually, I went totally gung-ho and did the 6 item challenge for 6 weeks. To my surprise, it was easy. So I did it again a year later. Simple. (And it was a good cause!)
    It really made clear to me that what is a “must” or ‘classic’ for others rarely is for me, my age, size or lifestyle. I found I don’t need more than one pair of casual jeans (coloured or grey, in my case) because I hardly ever wear them. I found I love brightly coloured tunics and dresses with tights/leggings a lot more, and I layer them or add a cardigan/boots when it gets colder. Works for me. Took a while, but now I am very pleased with my relatively small wardrobe and even though I still occasionally buy something new, I’m ruthless if it doesn’t work IRL!! Good luck, anyway – I will be very interested to see how you go.
    (Another thoughtful capsuler is Jennifer Scott at The Daily Connoisseur or have a look at the Vivienne Files for colour inspiration!)

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