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Another View

another view

Let’s look at you from another view. From outside yourself. Through the eyes of those who know you, and the eyes of those who don’t.

Stop listening to that inner monologue, that critical perspective. Quieten down that part of your brain, just for a while. Close your eyes and look at yourself, from the outside. Imagine.

Disregard the physical. That perspective is always going to be skewed by our inner voice, no matter how hard we try not to listen.

We’re focusing on something else.

You inspire people. You do, even if you don’t know it. I inspire people. We all do. No matter what we think of ourselves, someone out there, admires you for what you do, who you are. They admire your circumstances, they admire your choices, they admire your courage.

It’s so hard to see, the fact that we inspire others. In fact, it’s usually hidden by the clamour our own brain is making, the noise about how many wrong decisions we’ve made, how much money we don’t have, the witty comebacks we should have thought of 3 days ago, the failures, the lack of confidence, the disbelief in our self. That is what we hear. We’re deaf to what’s happening outside our bodies.

The things I struggle with, every day, are the things that others admire in me. Others close to me, others I have yet to meet. My choice to walk out of a stressful job. My determination not to go back. My belief that everyone should really enjoy their life. That I’m scared of writing but I do it anyway, that I’m frustrated by not playing piano for 13 years but diving back in and giving it a go. The way I prioritise according to my own belief system of what is important at the time. The way I never change my opinions, no matter what. That I run in the rain and sleep on the beach. These things I take for granted, or worry about frequently. But these things… inspire others. And I never even knew.

What about you could ever possibly inspire someone else? So many things. Countless. From the way you interact, the words you use, the life you lead, the choices you make. Think now. It’s hard to see outside the self, but to begin to value ourselves, we must.

And once we acknowledge that we all have something to offer, no matter how insignificant we may have previously thought this may be, we can move forward. From how you inspire others, right now, to how you will inspire others in the future. Who is that person you want to be? That image you want to project? How does that tie in with who you project now? Chances are it’s nearer that you think.

So who inspires you and why? And who do you want to be seen as?

Questions. But those worth answering.

I talk more about inspiration in this week’s OES video magazine over on YouTube! Head over to watch and subscribe if you want to see more 🙂





2 thoughts on “Another View

  1. I LOVE this! I know I am aware of the influence and inspiration I can provide in my job (I’m a music teacher) just by being myself and sharing my life with my students (as an aside, I’ve always believed that in a subject like music where we’re expecting our students to share themselves in a very public way, we as teachers need to share ourselves too. My students know all about my kids, favourite TV shows, my dog, funny things that happen during the week – that’s the stuff that inspires them to share themselves through performance and composition, not my knowledge of my subject or strictness 🙂 ) but I never see the inspiration I can provide in my everyday life. As you say, the self critical voice is quite loud! I need to do some thinking on this as it is so clear in my professional world, but not so clear in my personal world! Thanks Sal 🙂

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