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Maria lives OES Talks To Mariain the UK in an Eastern coastal town. She has pretty tattoos, ace hair, and many earrings. She inspires me with her limitless capacity to care about the people around her, and the support she gives to all. She also has a wicked sense of humour. I’m lucky to know her.

What’s the best thing you’ve learned recently?
David Beckham had trials for Norwich football club, I’m sure the person that turned him down was never allowed to forget it.

What music would you recommend we listen to this week?
My brother brought me a triple David Bowie CD for Christmas called ‘Nothing has Changed’. It has a eccentric mix of music on it including ‘Sue (Or in a season of Crime)’ very trad jazz!

Little Eddie Sheeran’s ‘X’ album isn’t too bad either.

What amazes you about the world?
That, as humans, we are able to find out what a fossil that is 6 squillion years old has had for his last meal, but we can’t find a way for everyone on this planet to have the food we need to survive.

What last took your breath away?
That would be telling!

What worries you? 
The fact the world worries about the colour of a dress. How vulnerable people get as they grow older. Not finding the one person that loves me unconditionally.

Can you recommend a place to visit in your town or city?
The place where I live doesn’t have a very good reputation. It’s seen as a place filled with crime, addicts and holiday makers that don’t wear bras! Yes, it has its problems, but show me a town that doesn’t. It’s a town full of communities, clubs and people trying their best to help people and include them in our little part of the planet.
Perhaps the people who are only too ready to knock where we live, who are unfortunately the people who consider themselves to be locals and have lived here all their lives, should get up off their bums and look past the end of their noses.

Where can we find out more about you?
Norfolk Police – my file is a little on the large side! Other than that, you can find me on Twitter and Pinterest.

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