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How to meditate

A tiny adventure in clearing your mind

It’s amazing how such a small habit can make such a big difference in our lives. What started as a 5 minute exercise for me has developed, over time, into a way to open myself to new learning and experience. Learning to meditate quietened my mind, allowed me to focus more on where I’m going and who I am. That simple 5 minute meditation each morning.
It’s a treat, and it really is that easy.

how to meditateNever meditated before?

Don’t worry. Just give yourself a minute. Find somewhere comfortable, where you’re not going to be disturbed. It doesn’t have to be silent, just free from any really loud noises. Wear something comfy.

And just sit. Set a timer if you feel you need to, so you’re not checking your clock. Close your eyes and listen.

Listen to the sounds around you. Try and pick out one sound and isolate it. Try another. Then pick out the sounds of your breathing. Control your breath, easily in and out. Just breathe naturally, focusing your attention on the natural rhythm.

When your time is up, open your eyes, sip water, take time to come back around. That’s it. You’ve just meditated. Feels good, right?

Build up

From that little minute, gradually try to meditate for a little longer. Set aside a time that’s right for you, whether it be first thing in the morning, on your lunch break, in the afternoon outside in nature, before you go to bed. Create the habit.

It’s tempting to try not to think of anything. Instead, just let thoughts arise and when you realise, just acknowledge and then dismiss those thoughts and focus back on the rhythm of your breathing. Just sit comfortably, chest rising and falling, thoughts rising and falling. Give your mind a rest from the whirl of everyday distractions. There’s no pressure of what you ‘should’ feel when meditating. It’s personal to you.


You could visualise a space, safe and wonderful, you could follow a guided meditation, you could get lost in music. You could learn mantras and chant, feel the resonance with the air around you. You could sit in your garden with the breeze on your face, still before the word wakes.

Give yourself time to take stock, time for your mind to reset each day. Meditation has so many benefits, both physical and mental.

It starts with just one breath.



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