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This is for anyone who’s scared. Anyone who’s shy. Or embarrassed, or has ever been told they’re not creative.
Anyone who’s ever been told they can’t sing, they can’t dance, that music is an impenetrable language.

This is for the writers who just bottle it up. The singers who hum quietly. The artists who were sneered at, the dancers who shuffle in the corner and look longingly into the pit. The people who were told to forget their dreams and get a normal job. The ones who had to abandon the creative for the mundane.

Listen to me. Life is too short. And that short life is your life and your life is your only life. Stop caring what people think. Celebrate your creativity. Express yourself.

You want to make films but think people will judge you? Do it anyway. Just start. I guarantee there are people in this world of billions that your work will touch and inspire, even if you can’t imagine it. One person’s opinion is not enough to silence your life.

You want to write songs and sing but someone has told you you’re no good? You want to get fit but are blinded by fattist attitudes, media and self doubt? Fuck them. It might feel that there’s no room in a world filling up with selfies, with self-publishing, with YouTube stars and Instagram feeds and Twitter epics. But there is a good side to this world of instant information.

It’s never been so easy to express yourself. It’s easy to connect with people who inspire, not deride. The tools are there, the platform is waiting. You have something, right there in your heart, in your soul.

Do what you want. Embrace wildness, embrace weirdness, share the music and the soul and the passion in any way you need to. Push yourself for you. Just for you. This life is the one life and the one chance any of us have.

It’s too short to spend it in the shadows. Create.


3 thoughts on “Create.

  1. Just started following your blog after reading about it on Slow Your Home. Your blog rocks! Love it!

    Did one month of buying nothing last year. Was an awesome and eye opening experience. Look forward to continuing to follow One Empty Shelf.

    1. Thanks Katie that’s so awesome! Love Slow Your Home, I was so happy to be featured!
      Buying nothing can be hard but also liberating! Lovely to hear from you, all the best
      Sal 🙂

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