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Who inspires you? Think about this person. What is it about them, their way, their world, which gives you that spark, that ignition, that fire to be the best version of yourself?

What do they inspire you to do?

We identify with those doing what we dream of doing. We look up to them and take cues from their actions, their attitude. We sometimes wish that our lives could one day be like theirs. That we could one day be like them, our idols, our inspirations. Sometimes we wonder whether we will ever get there. Sometimes we build up that fire, that desire, and jump out into the world, brimming with creativity, fuelled by the example of others.

We look up to those people and forget that people look up to us, too.

We forget that someone is impacted by the life we are living, right now. Does the person who inspires you know the creativity they spark in you, individual you? Are they aware? And so, think around and think outside. Think of yourself. Would you be aware? Would it change you?

We are all inspirational to someone. That person, those people we look up to, they are us and we are them. We inspire through our actions, through our words, through our images and films, through our song, through our leadership, through our selflessness, through our being.

We can forget this fact. We continue to look up, to others, as is our way. But we need to remember others look up to us, even if we think this could never be true.

Want to be inspired? Remember we are already an inspiration.

That’s a hell of a spark.


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