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Minimalism and resolutions

I could be obvious here. Minimalism? New Year’s resolutions? Isn’t it obvious that I shouldn’t make any? Cue hilarity, guffaws, and the smug feeling of making a funny. We were all thinking it, weren’t we?! 😉

Ok, so lame jokes aside, it’s that time of year again. Where we start with all the intentions in the world but a silent fear of failure. And I keep my idea of resolutions quiet and forget about them by the end of January, as every year.

I tend not to make real resolutions. I somehow feel they’re a bit of an empty promise for me. Just an ‘I wish’ rather than an ‘I will’. I vaguely think about resolving, year after year, to follow dreams, to say no more, to get fitter, to save more. All unspecific, hopeful ideas but without any plan, any idea of how to make them a reality. And so I don’t make any resolutions.

So this year, instead of resolutions, I’ve got some habits I want to adopt, one at a time, throughout the year. I’ve got a detailed plan of where I want One Empty Shelf to go, a vision for my life, a step by step process of curiosity, adventure, mindfulness and growth. And I’m not calling it a resolution, with all of our society’s expectation of failure. I don’t even really think of it as a future plan. It’s just…life. It’s just what I can’t not do. It’s a detailed timeline of what I absolutely love and want to live every minute of every day.

So I’ll carry on with my hopes and dreams and turning them into reality. I won’t expect to fail. I won’t try and do 10 things at once. I’m remaining curious, adventurous and open-eyed. And my only resolution is to keep moving forward, along this road of my making stretched out infinitely in front of me. And I can’t wait.


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