Curate, create…you get out what you put in

Isn’t it true? You get out what you put in. Don’t put much effort into a project? That project’s not going to be much good. Make no effort in your relationship? It’s probably not going to be all roses.

But think about this for a minute. We can see, and have probably had experience of this in our own lives being true. But it doesn’t just apply to situations, work, or relationships. It applies to YOU. Your whole self. Your being.

Think back over the last few days. What have you fed your body? What food have you eaten? What exercise have you taken? What media have you watched or listened to? How have you spent your evenings?

I can guarantee that you feel infinitely better by fuelling your body with wholesome, healthy foods. Binged on one too many takeaways and what happens? You feel sluggish and bloated. Spent hours in the evening slumped in front of soap operas, full of arguments, violence and horrific storylines. News bulletins full of war, disease, famine, politics, racism. More violence. Depressing dramas, murder, rape, despair. Real-life documentaries, health scares, hoarding, deception…. what is this doing to your outlook on life? You get out what you put in. You become what you consume. You are the product of your consumption. Media is powerful. You become it. It can change your world.

Curate to help you create.

Curate your diet. Eat a rainbow, crunch your vegetables. Stay simple and wholesome. Curate your exercise. Become mindful of how your muscles are working, feel the strain of the weights, tune in to your heartbeat on a run. Don’t be distracted by the latest fad or diet or bells and whistles workout. Curate your viewing. Watch production companies with a heart, journalism showing the truth, shows that make you feel good, that teach you something. Better still, get off the sofa and talk to the same people in real life. Be curious. Curate your online content. Follow people who inspire you, people who teach the world something, people who add value to your life. Curate positivity, curate inspiration, curate life, create life.

Curate your life to create your life. You get out what you put in.


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