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OES Talks To…David Blackmore

OES Talks To…David Blackmore

I met Dave when we worked for the same nameless high street store a few years ago. We have both since escaped. He is an awesome person and an excellent guitar player.

oestalkstostratWhat’s the best thing you’ve learned recently?

Life is very short, and the older I get the shorter it becomes and when I am dead anything I worry about won’t matter any more.

What music would you recommend we listen to this week?Blackmores night“, “Larry Garner“.

What amazes you about the world?
How so many stupid people (mostly people with no common sense) get through life.

What last took your breath away?
When I received a large cheque from my pension fund.

What worries you? 
I worry that I can pay all my bills.

Can you recommend a place to visit in your town or city?
The road out.

What do you know about and can you share something about this?
I know  a little about horses and transporting them and I like to think I know quite a lot about guitars (I hope). So if you need to know anything about this I may be able to help.

You can find out more about Dave on his YouTube channel:

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