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OES Talks To…Sal

Kicking off the OES Talks To… series. First up it’s Sal…

One Empty Shelf talks to salWhat are you interested in?

I’m interested in people, their behaviour, their stories, their psychology. I just get endlessly fascinated! And nosey, I suppose.

What’s the best thing you’ve learned recently?

I learned how to make a shrug out of any scarf! Take any scarf, fold it in half. Tie the 2 top corners together. Shake it out and you’ll see 2 ‘arm-holes’. Put your arms through, with the knot at the back of your neck. Voila! Scarf/cardi/top thing!

What music would you recommend we listen to this week?

Without a doubt, Josh Record’s Pillars. I found out about him through YouTube and this album is hauntingly beautiful. I recommend everybody get it in their ears as soon as possible. It’s brilliant.

What amazes you about the world?

Its fragility and yet its strength. It amazes me how short a period of time humans have existed for and how nobody really realises the impact we could have. My mind is blown by how old the earth and the universe is. I love how we’re made of all the matter that’s been floating round the universe for millennia. It makes me happy.

What last took your breath away?

On a drive to work I came up on the moors out of the fog and the tendrils of mist were hanging in the valleys. It was amazingly sunny out of the fog and the cloud was glinting in the light of the sunrise, all pink and gold and peach. It was astounding. It was just another grey day until then.

What worries you?

People worry me. Politics and power. I worry about how politics and money and religion run the world and result in so much destruction and misery. I wish people could see we’re just on this one planet. It might be seen to be a naive view but why does it have to be?

Can you recommend a place to visit in your town or city?

There are some amazing coffee shops in Huddersfield. I love the Handmade Bakery and do a lot of writing and eating of pastries there. Although I had the best espresso in my life at Coffee Evolution the other day. It’s made by a local company called Bean Brothers. Their espresso blend is called Derek, which makes it even better.

What do you know about and can you share something about this?

This question made me think a lot. I never consider myself as knowing much, but when I think about it, I actually do! I’ll share a fitness fact. Protein and carbs both have 4kcal per gram. Fat has 9kcal per gram and alcohol has 7kcal per gram. Think of that when you’re drinking your next pint! Actually, don’t. It might spoil a perfectly good ale!

What’s your favourite thing about your life at the moment?

I’m feeling optimistic, so much has changed over the past few years. I have lots of different types of work, although I don’t think of any of them as traditional ‘jobs’. I love what I do, and everything I do is a different aspect of me. Life is good!

Where can we find out more about you?

I write here on One Empty Shelf, and you can find me on Twitter @oneemptyshelf, please say hi!



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