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A breath of fresh air

breath of fresh air cliff

Sometimes getting outside can be the last thing on your mind. All you want to do is to curl up under a duvet with a bag of Haribo and repeats of the Kardashians. If you look out of huge window you may see a leaden sky, threatening rain. You wish you could take a huge breath of fresh air and clear your mind, but the threat of adverse weather and the lure of Scott Disick keep you indoors, melting into the cushions of the sofa.

It’s so easy to give in when you’re wiped out. If you’re tired. If you’ve had a bad day. When it seems the hardest thing in the world to even move your feet. But if you’re anything like me, although the distractions of reality TV can take away your attention for a while, by the end of the evening I can guarantee you’ll still be feeling sluggish, tired and probably on a sugar comedown from whatever bag of sweets happened to be near you at the time.

The greatest medicine on earth is right outside your front door. The first steps outside are the hardest. But then…the further away from your door you go, the easier it is. Nature is a healer. And it’s free and beautiful and all around us. Rain and all.

There is no better feeling than being caught in a torrential rain shower, dark clouds scudding across angry skies, wind whipping a gale around you. Drenched to the skin but turning your face to the leaden grey above you and feeling so, so alive. A connection to the earth and to the nature surrounding you can clear the mind like no amount of television distraction ever will.

Running your fingers over rocks, millions of years old, pulling your spirit in to the earth. Sleeping out, body connected to the ground, eyes open and widening to vast skies, sun sinking and the familiar chill of night wrapping around you.

A breath of fresh air heals, brings inspiration, hints at adventure yet to come.

When you feel like the last thing you want to do is to go outside…the thing you should do is go outside.



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